Ornamental Fences

There’s no doubt that an ornamental metal fence will enhance the overall look and usefulness of your property. From the timeless look of a traditional wrought iron fence to sleek and modern designs, ornamental fences offer versatility and the level of security you need.

Whether you’re fencing your home, pool or commercial project, today’s ornamental fences are most commonly made of either aluminum or steel. Both offer design, durability and minimum maintenance. So which is the better option?

Here’s a quick lowdown on both aluminum and steel:

Aluminum Fences

This post is about the difference between steel and aluminum fences




  • Lightweight, durable, versatile
  • Less expensive than steel
  • Resistant to corrosion, so it’s great for pools and seaside or waterside homes
  • Variety of stylish designs and colors to complement the style of your home
  • Requires no maintenance (no need to re-paint or re-stain)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Works on sloped
  • Can look as gorgeous and regal as wrought iron without the same price tag
  • Acts as a safety barrier to keep intruders out, pets and children in
  • Lifetime warranty

Steel Fences

  • Strong, powerful, long-lasting
  • Impact resistant
  • Works well on sloped landscapes
  • More costly but stronger than aluminum
  • Heavier weight
  • More appropriate for protection where targeted break-ins may occur
  • Steel gates offer extra security
  • Some steel fences will require re-sanding and re-painting unless you are purchasing a production steel fence that has been coated like the one from Ameristar with a 20-year warranty on the finish.

Residential vs Commercial Fences

Residential Fences


The beauty, versatility and low maintenance of an aluminum fence makes it an excellent choice for residential homes. It’s an attractive option for added security, creates a beautiful barrier around your yard or pool, and is an effective way to keep pets and children inside.

If you need a backyard fence that provides more security or a barrier that can withstand  heavier impact, a residential grade steel fence may provide what you need.

Commercial Fences

The best ornamental fence for your commercial project depends on the level of security and protection you require. A bigger and stronger version of an aluminum fence may be all you need, but in many cases the powerful strength of a steel fence makes it a good choice for commercial or industrial projects. Its weight and strength offer lasting protection against break-ins or heavy impacts.

Making a Final Decision

If you’re thinking about purchasing an ornamental fence for your home or business, consult a professional fence contractor who will guide you through the variables of aluminum and steel fences. Your contractor should be willing to educate you as you choose a design that’s best suited for your property.

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