When it comes to hiring a fence contractor, be selective! Although fence installation companies are easy to start up, most don’t stay in business.  They either can’t produce quality work because they lack proper training or they can’t afford to hire professional crews. Either way, a large number of  fence installation companies fold once their inferior jobs are exposed. 

Follow the guidelines below to make sure you get a reliable contractor and a fence you’ll be happy with

  • Find out how long the fence contractor has been in business. Most companies fold within five years, so the length of time they’ve been in business matters. Have they kept the same business name? Is the same owner on board? Have they had the same phone number for the duration of their business life? All of those items matter because they tell you a lot about the company’s track record.
  • Ask about training and certification. If they belong to a professional fence association, that’s an indication they’re committed to the industry and not just a fly-by-night outfit. For instance, only 2% of fence installers become certified fence professionals, even though that ranking helps assure you that your fence contractor is knowledgeable about the industry and has invested in the business.
  • Look at reviews. What do previous customers say? Are they satisfied with the job? Did they establish a relationship with the contractor? Would they recommend them? Don’t forget to use sites like Home Advisor or go to the fence company’s social media pages to see what customers are saying.
  • Do they do commercial work as well as residential? Since fences typically last a long time, residential customers aren’t as likely to be a source of repeat business. Commercial customers, on the other hand, are more likely to order more than one or even a large number of fences. So if a contractor does commercial work, that tells you they probably have a reputation for doing the job right.
  • Does the contractor provide a warranty? You should be offered a one-year warranty. (Don’t get taken by a common ploy: Some fence contractors advertise a ten-year warranty. Keep in mind that fence warranties cover workmanship, and most poor workmanship will be revealed within six months of the installation. That makes anything more than a one-year warranty basically useless.)
  • What about insurance? Your contractor should carry both liability and worker’s comp. You will have people working on your property. Don’t put yourself at risk for liability.
  • What kinds of materials are used? You don’t have to know everything about fences to make sure you’re getting a quality product. A little investigative work will let you know whether your fence is likely to look good and last a long time.

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Fence ContractorAsk a lot of questions and don’t hesitate to check up on what your fence contractor tells you. An honest contractor won’t mind a little scrutiny and will be glad to offer all the information you need. Your new fence is an investment and a reliable fence contractor will be happy to do all they can to help make it a good one.

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