If you’re ready to install a fence you have a lot of choices to make. Naturally you have to decide where to place the fence, what style you like best, and what color looks best with your home. But one of the most important items to consider is whether or not your fence contractor is using quality materials.

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Although all fences eventually show signs of wear, a strong, well-built fence will stay functional and beautiful for a long time and will increase the value of your home. On the other hand, an inferior fence will lose its function and negatively impact your home’s value.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your fence contractor is using quality materials. If you’re unsure of your contractor’s reputation, you may want to do a little detective work to make sure your fence is a good, long-lasting investment.

Here’s how to make sure your fence contractor is using high quality materials:

Ask for the brand name of manufactured products

If your fence is steel, aluminum, or PVC (vinyl), check the web for reviews of the product.  Also, look into the manufacturer’s warranty and reputation.

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Ask for the name of the contractor’s distributor

Your contractor’s distributor is the company that provides him with fence materials. Check online reviews of the distributor’s warranty and reputation.


Ask about the grade of wood used

If you’re having a wood fence installed, find out where your contractor is buying the wood.  DO NO TAKE THE CONTRACTOR’S WORD FOR IT. Instead, take the time to verify where the wood is coming from and what grade is being used.  At the first sign of anything untruthful, scratch that contractor off your list.


After the detective work

In the end, you probably won’t be able to check everything. That’s why the most important thing you can do is find a fence contractor you trust and then move forward. Make sure you feel good about the contractor’s knowledge, presentation, and follow-up. If you’re not impressed with those things, you probably won’t be impressed with the quality of their materials or workmanship either.

Accent Fence is committed to quality. We use only high-quality fence materials and nails in every job we do, and we take pride in educating customers about our fence products. We’re a Blue Ribbon Contractor, a badge of excellence from the American Fence Association. We’ll help you make the best choice for your home or business and we’ll build a fence you’ll be proud of.

Call us at 770-995-7463 to request your estimate or submit an online request at accentfence.net.

is your fence contractor using quality materials? how to know if your fence contractor is using quality materials how to know if your fence contractor is using quality materials