A leaning fence can be prevented.

A leaning fence can be prevented with good installation.

A wood fence is a great choice if you want to mark your yard’s perimeter, keep animals and kids safe, or add privacy and beauty to your yard. But what do you do if your wood fence becomes a leaning fence? It’s important to understand why wood fences lean and what to do about it.


Why Wood Fences Lean


1. Rotten or shifting fence posts

  • Check the bases of your leaning fence. Make sure the posts are made from wood that’s rated to come in contact with soil. Posts made from the wrong kind of wood are prone to rot. So even if you upright the fence, the rotten posts will cause the fence to fall again. In this case, the long-term solution is to replace your wood fence with a new one.


  • Bad weather can cause even quality fence posts to shift. This is especially common during and after a rainy season or with a combination of severe rain and aggressive wind. If the posts have shifted, the solution may be as easy as buying a replacement picket for a few bucks at the hardware store, standing the fence up straight, and re-cementing the posts.


2. Shallow fence posts are a sure recipe for a leaning fence

Good, sturdy fences are made of more than just what you can see. The posts underneath the fence are every bit as important as the beautiful fence seen above ground. If posts aren’t installed deep enough, your fence will likely fall over. Fence posts are the anchors for a strong, structurally sound fence that will stand against high winds, storms, and excess ground moisture.

If your fence posts have been installed improperly, they’ll need to be replaced. Otherwise your wood fence will continue to have issues.


3. Natural weathering

Because wood is a natural material, even pressure-treated wood tends to warp over time. As a wood fence absorbs moisture from rain or sprinklers it swells and then dries out. This stress on the fence can cause it to shrink. Over time, shrinking may cause wooden fence panels to crack or warp. And that can result in a leaning fence. For this reason, a wood fence should be installed with the proper length of wood between support posts to prevent too much stress on unsupported wood. Also, when watering your lawn it’s a good idea to keep lawn sprinklers aimed away from your wood fence.


Accent Fence

If your leaning fence needs replacing, Accent Fence is your established Atlanta fence company and we’re committed to installing custom fencing you can count on. We’ll help you find the style of wood fence you need and our professional fence builders will install it with a solid workmanship guarantee. Call us at 770-995-7463, find us on Facebook or submit your estimate request online.

what to do about a leaning fence3 common reasons for the dreaded leaning fence


3 common reasons for the dreaded leaning fence