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Depend on the experts for farm fencing solutions for rural, farm, and other agricultural applications.

Strong rail farm fences are the perfect installation option to protect your crops and keep your animals safe on your property. They can also be added to residential properties simply looking to add a decorative accent to a boundary.

You can choose post and rail fences with 2, 3, or 4 rails based on your needs and preferences, and add wire mesh for added security. We use only high-quality wood posts and rails for every fence we build and install, so you'll know you're getting the very best in products and services.

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The Atlanta, Georgia Most Popular

Farm Fence Options

There are many farm fencing options you can select to create the perfect solution for your situation. Whether you need a higher level of protection or you simply want a beautiful visual barrier around the perimeter of your property, we have the perfect solution for you!

3Farm fencing options popular in the Atlanta, Georgia area

Our most popular type of farm fencing is called Post and Rail. In this style of fencing you can select different heights, different numbers of rails, and you can add strong welded wire to drastically increase the security of the fence. Check out our most popular farm fence options used across the northern Georgia region.

3-rail Farm fence solutions for the Atlanta, Georgia area

2-Rail Farm Fences

The shortest of the farm fencing, the 2-rail fence is just like it sounds with 2 wooden rails being fixed to each post around your property. This type of fence is great for decorative fencing or keeping in small animals when you add wire mesh.

3-rail Farm fence solutions for the Atlanta, Georgia area

3-Rail Farm Fences

For more height and an extra rail for strength and protection, 3-rail farm fences are probably the most common types of agricultural fencing since they can contain more animals but also stay at a mid-range height of about 4-5 feet tall.

4-rail Farm fence solutions for the Atlanta, Georgia area

4-Rail Farm Fences

Choose your farm fencing based on the aesthetics you are looking for as well as the height that you need. 4-rail farm fencing is the tallest of the rail wood fences and can also be fitted with wire mesh for a more secure boundary.

Examples of our Farm Fences

Vinyl 2-Rail Farm Fence in Norcross, Georgia
Vinyl 2-Rail Farm Fence in Norcross, Georgia
Wood 4-Rail Farm Fence in Norcross, Georgia
Wood 4-Rail Farm Fence installed by Accent fence in Atlanta, Georgia
Wood 4-Rail Farm Fence in Norcross, Georgia
Wood Farm Fence with Automatic Gate Opener in Norcross, Georgia
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Traditionally, farm fencing is wooden post and rail fencing, split rail fences, or high tensile fences. Welded wire can be added to post and rail fences for specific small animal yards. There are variations of each type based on what you need to enclose. For example, if you have horses, you can border your land with split rail, but if you have smaller animals like chickens or pigs, you'll need something closer to the ground and with less open space. Our team of fence experts is happy to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solution for your NNorth Georgia property.

Farm fencing works very well when it comes to following the changing levels of ground across many fields. Wood fencing particularly is always one of the most adjustable types of fencing and can be modified to your specifications.

Barbed wire is often added to farm fences in the North Georgia area. It can be useful in order to contain your livestock and also to protect your animals from predators that may try to come through your fence. Even if you have fields of vegetables or other crops, barbed wire can help keep animals from getting in to eat your plants.

Yes! We often install post and rail farm fencing at various communities and for individual residential properties all across the North Georgia region. When you speak with our associates, ask about our variety of wood rail fences and explore the best options with our experienced staff.

The majority of the post and rail farm fencing we install in the North Georgia area is the 3 rail or 4 rail options. 2 rail post and rail farm fencing is less common, but it is completely up to you which one you prefer!

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